Steel Pipe Dimensions - Schedule 80
Steel Pipe Demisions-SCH 10

Internal and external diameters, areas, weights, volumes and number of threads for schedule 80 steel pipes

Based on ASTM A53 - Standard Specification for Pipe, Steel, Black and Hot-Dipped, Zinc-Coated, Welded and Seamless.

ASTM A53 pipe  - also referred to as ASME SA53 pipe - is intended for mechanical and pressure applications. Can be used in steam, water, gas and air lines. Suitable for welding and forming like coiling, bending and flanging.

· 1 in2 = 645.2 mm2 = 6.452 cm2 = 6.452x10-4 m2

· 1 ft (foot) = 0.3048 m

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