butt weld carbon steel pipe cross
butt weld carbon steel pipe cross
butt weld carbon steel pipe cross
butt weld carbon steel pipe cross

Item specifics

1/2'' - 48''
Surface Treatment
Black painting



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Production links of carbon steel pipe four-way fittings
carbon steel pipe cross
Blank pipe crosses 
The structure and manufacturing method of the crosses, crosses have the equal diameter and the unequal diameter. The connecting ends of the equal pipe crosses are all the same size; the main-shaped connecting tube of the reducing pipe crosses is the same size, and the  size of the branch pipe is smaller than the main pipe. The pipe cross is a type of pipe used for the branch of the pipe. The hot press forming  is  dividing the tube blank larger than the diameter of the crosses, about the diameter of the cross , and to open a hole in the portion of the tension branch pipe; the tube blank is heated, placed in the forming mold, and in the tube blank The die is loaded into the tensile branch pipe; the tube blank is radially compressed under the action of pressure, and the metal flows toward the branch pipe during the radial compression process and forms a branch pipe under the drawing of the die. The entire process is formed by the radial compression of the tube blank and the stretching process of the branch portion. 
Testing and Inspection of CS pipe four-way fittings
inspect the diameter
Inspect the thickness
Inspect the degree
During th eproduction of the carbon steel pipe four-way fittings, the diameter, thickness and degree is the basic mesurement items. In order to make sure all products can match up the demands of the clients, Ultra-wave detection is essential. 
Testing of pipe crosses
Testing of pipe crosses
Package of the four-way fittings
put in the case with plastic caps
packaged with plastic film outside
load into the container
JS FITTINGS supply standard package with plywood cases, pallets and plastic film, customer can supply their package plan if don't like ours.