Common types of Forged Flanges

Common types of Forged Flanges


Flange plays an important role as necessary components for connection of two pipes in piping design and pipe fittings. Plate flange,SO flange,WN flange and BL flange are most popular in the market.

                                                 Common types of Forged Flanges

Flange plays an important role as necessary components for connection of two pipes in piping design and pipe fittings.The flanges are widely used in various kinds of fields including industrial furnaces,thermal engineering,water treatment,water supply,drainage,heating and ventilation,etc.

According to the years' production experience of flanges,people prefer the types including plate flanges,slip-on flanges,welding neck flanges and blind flanges.


1.Plate flanges.

Plate flanges is the most simple one among the forged flanges. It 's easy to get the material and produce the products. So its cost would be relatively low compared with other types. But for its poor rigidity,plate flanges would be not suitable for the chemical pipe systems which are flammable,combustible and Higher vacuum requirements.The Flanges face includes full face and raised face.


2.Slip-on Flanges

Slip on flanges are one the the common type used in pipeline or equipment. It's also called SO flanges. SO flanges has a lower neck,which strengthen the rigidity and bearing capacity of flanges. For SO flanges,its workload is large,welding rods consumption is high,and can not afford high temperature,high pressure,repeat bending and temperature fluctuation. But it is very convenient to install.


3.Welding neck flanges

Welding neck flanges is also called WN flanges. For WN flanges has a neck,it increases the strength of the

flanges,improve the bearing capacity of flanges. So WN flanges are able to used for higher pressure pipeline. But WN flanges 'cost would be relatively higher and easy to knock when transportation for its shape.


4.Blind flanges.

Blind flanges are kind of type which no hole in the middle and mainly for pipe end. It can be removable at any time.


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